The Meticulous Process of Selective School Acceptance

Entering a selective school in Australia is not just about pride, it also represents opportunity and a bright future ahead for your child. That is why parents subscribe to selective tests online to help their kids prepare for the Selective High Schools Test. In Australia, there are less than one hundred selective and partially selective schools, close to 50 of which are located in New South Wales. That’s just a sliver of over 9,500 schools in the country based on the latest report from the Australia Bureau of Statistics. And with around 4 million students enrolled, only a very small portion of them belong in selective schools. In fact in New South Wales alone, around 3,500 slots are only available for first-year entry students.

This small margin of acceptance makes preparation a serious matter. Parents who go the extra mile avail selective school coaching to help their son or daughter perform well. As early as Year 6, these tutors already provide the guidance and assistance needed to help the child learn and develop the skills they need. This is something not usually available with a regular school as selective school tutoring has its own pedagogical approach and strategies established by a coaching college.

Taking the test

Just like any entrance test, pursuing a selective test online requires focus, discipline, and knowledge to successfully reach a profile score that is acceptable for the selective school. These tests usually focus on mathematics, reading, writing, as well as general knowledge. Depending on the school, it may also require additional submissions or may have a totally different admissions system. Scores are generated and computed based on each skill and a profile score is created which becomes a basis for decision for the

Determining the outcome

After taking a selective school online test and scores are computed, offers are usually sent out mid-year with one of three possible outcomes: accepted, waitlisted or “placed on the reserve list”, and not accepted or unsuccessful. The last outcome is often final and irreversible while the second outcome still offers a chance of hope. The advantage of getting a child into a coaching college is that the chances are better in getting accepted and gives him or her a considerable advantage compared to those who did not.

Other considerations

Taking a selective test online is just one of several other requirements that may be asked from an applicant. Residency status is something inquired about during an application. Year level and age are also put into consideration. Some online articles note that financial standing or political influence has a bearing on getting accepted. However, selective schools maintain that they accept students based on academic merit. Even those without money or influence get to be selected as well.

Beginners Tips on Writing an Essay

At the start of writing your first essay and along the way, you’ll find a hundred reasons to quit. Understanding the basic bugs in essay writing and how to beat them will help you complete your first essay.

Beat the odds of quitting

Mistakes do happen but it doesn’t mean you have to quit. Your ability is evolving and improving, and setbacks no matter how overwhelming they seem are temporary. Nobody can be you, so nobody can write your essay the way you do. Think that it’s the best thing you can offer to your readers.


If you think, you’re having great struggle on the format, then let it go. You can use writing software like WriteitNow or Scrivener Writing Software for Mac or Ulysses app for professional writers. You can write your initial draft on paper if you have to. What’s important is getting your essay down on page. Reading contemporary essay in the same manner as yours is useful and you’ll grow familiar with the format and soon find yourself writing your essay with ease.


Always use an outline. This is your reminder of what you need to cover for each stage of your essay and drives the thoughts to the conclusion. Your outline also dictates the number of pages your essay should have.


What is your essay all about? Remember, you’re not telling a story in essays. Your essay’s theme is telling why you are telling the story. Write the critical points of your essay in simple and clear written words. Always remember that clarity in your thoughts is vital. Don’t rush. Take time to release your theme in the entire body of your essay.


This drives you why you are writing your essay. There must be transformation that deals with emotional needs and your motive must be rooted in  psychological as well.

Elements of essay writing

Essays must have a beginning, middle and end. It has words precision, minimum words and maximum meaning. It should hook readers to read, fuels curiosity, and drives them to act. Remember that rewriting is just half of the process and it turns a good essay into a remarkable one. So don’t be afraid to rewrite and make changes to weak spots on your essay and on the moods you want to create.

To reach farther with your essay writing is a lifetime journey. Why not take the journey as your thumbprint and give it a rare adventure by never stopping to learn new skills and developments.

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